We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Imec! 

Imec aims to be the world’s best center for R&D and innovation in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. They partner with many companies, start-ups and universities to bring together brilliant minds in a creative and stimulating environment. Imec accelerates progress towards a connected and sustainable future through their world-class infrastructure and local and global ecosystem.

Imec has a long history of launching start-ups and supporting innovative ideas. In 2011, they launched imec.istart, an open accelerator program through which they offer pre-seed funding and personalised support for tech start-ups, being around 30 high-potential star-tups every year in Belgium.

Imec recognizes the importance of applying the principles of good governance

Imec prescribes a reasoned system of good governance, taking into account the specific mission and status of Imec as a non-profit organization.
Imec’s Good Governance Charter covers a broad gouvernance scope from the Mission to Corporate Social Responsibility passing by Ethical Code of Conduct. The charter was developed to be a guideline for a balanced, clear, and transparent distribution of authority and responsibility, outlining the processes of accountability and liability.
The objective is to strengthen the long-term development and growth of Imec. It is in this spirit that Imec has decided to deploy Digiboard as a new tool to support start-ups and spin-offs within its ecosystem.

Digiboard’s ambition is to support and improve corporate governance to enable management to become more efficient despite an uncertain and changing environment. Digiboard overcomes challenges in simplification and in transparency while reinforcing security.
To do this, we have set up a workflow that supports you through the governance process. We have also chosen a platform approach that allows sharing documents, responsibilities, decisions to be made and follow-up of actions. Digiboard will save you time and improve your work  efficiency thanks to many board key features (Doodle-like meeting scheduling tool, meeting minutes, document management, electronic signatures, …). And it’s not over yet.

Want to try our digital governance solution too?

We’ve made it incredibly simple to migrate your board pack into Digiboard. Just create your account, upload your data and you’ll get access to an integrated platform to plan your board or general meeting, send convocations, manage proxies, encode and e-sign meeting minutes, maintain and share the shareholder register, and a whole bunch of other workflow magic. Try Digiboard now for free!

We would love to hear about your experience using Digiboard for board or AGM meetings. At any time, if you need extra information, you can get in touch with us here.