In this tutorial, we will explain how to best complete your address book. The address book is the place where a member can search and find information about members of companies he is in. User can view details (name, email, committee the member is in and filter the address book). Account manager and admin can also update user’s information from here.

First go to your address book and click on your profile. There you will find 4 specific tabs that you can modify: “General Information – Committees – Credentials and Activity“.

  1. General Information

First of all, you will have the possibility to change your phone number as well as to resend your account activation code at the top left of your screen. Then, in the “Address” tab, you will be able to modify your civil information such as your country, city, address and postal code. In the “Access” tab, you will be able to modify your username, your email address and your date of birth. Finally, in the “ID Card” tab, you will be able to fill in your ID card information.

2. Committes

In the Comittees tab, you will have an overview of the different committees in which you appear. You also have the possibility to change your e-mail address. This can be very useful in case you appear in different committees and want to allocate a different email address for each committee.

3. Credentials

This tab simply allows you to change your username and password.

4. Activity

Finally, this tab gives you an overview of your activity on the Digiboard platform.