We’re so excited to begin 2021 with a partnership with BeAngels! Our digital governance solution Digiboard will help start-ups in BeAngels community manage their board, and thus simplify their growth.

BeAngels is a key player in the financial support of young companies in Belgium, but also in the creation of value and employment. With 20 years of experience and 370 members, BeAngels has built one of the most important European networks of business angels. Through several investment formulas, the network allows:

  • to support future unicorns at different stages of development;
  • to provide investors with an organized and structured network to facilitate their investments in the real economy.

To date, over 50 million euros have been invested in nearly 300 companies.

The BeAngels network has just launched a “package” in favor of start-ups in its community. This is a series of unique reductions and advantages from prestigious companies such as Amazon Web Services, Pricing Pact, ArgaFin, Brand Partners, CMS, Korekt, Edebex, Tassigny, EMAsphere, Gevers, HubSpot, OptimHR, Stripe, Reed, … and now Digiboard!

If you’re a startup from that network, contact Clotilde Annez (clotilde.annez@beangels.be) to get your discount.

Want to try our digital governance solution too?

We’ve made it incredibly simple to migrate your board pack into Digiboard. Just create your account, upload your data and you’ll get access to an integrated platform to plan your board or general meeting, send convocations, manage proxies, encode and e-sign meeting minutes, maintain and share the shareholder register, and a whole bunch of other workflow magic. Try Digiboard now for free!

We would love to hear about your experience using Digiboard for board or AGM meetings. At any time, if you need extra information, you can get in touch with us here.